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Kim Jongdae Birthday Countdown → September 16 (The way he drinks things) 

Untitled (by asahi30)

Kim Jongdae Birthday Countdown → September 15 (Fansigns) 
Al ghazali kohler (not sure if I spell his last name correctly)

just googled him

HOLLY SHIT 1997???

but aww he is a cutie!!!!!!

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Title: hey you be quiet
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140823 TLP SINGAPORE: chen tellin baek to shut it in english during his introduction 

Anonymous asked—
whats ur playlist

its just ONE song..

chen’s cover of To Heaven.. it was from 90:2014

here is the video

140917 real__pcy: 조금 이른시간 잠에 들었다가 새벽에 눈이 떠져 잠이 안와 무료함을 달래던 도중 문득 작년에 찍었던 엑소의 쇼타임 6화를 시청했습니다. 아직 1년도 안지났지만 너무나도 즐거웠던 추억들이 새록새록 떠오르고 벌써부터 너무나 그리운 마음이 들어요.. 물론 지금도 너무 즐겁고 행복하지만! 이렇게 예전 모습을 보며 나자신을 돌아보고 초심을 다지며 많은 생각을 할수 있다는게 참 좋은 일인것 같아요. EXO멤버들 너무너무 사랑하고 우리 EXO-L 여러분들도 너무많이사랑해요 지금느끼는 행복을 정말 평생 느끼고싶고 우리 멤버들, 팬여러분들 그리고 나의 주변에 있는 모든 사람들이 다 건강하고 행복했으면 좋겠습니다. 항상 부족하지만 저 찬열이를 예뻐해주시고 사랑해주시는 분들께 너무 고맙고 사랑해요! 마지막으로 EXO!!! 사랑하자!!! (평생)

I was sleeping earlier, but at around dawn my eyes opened and I didn’t feel tired, so I watched SHOWTIME episode 6. Though it hasn’t been a full year yet, the memories came flooding back to me and made me realize how much I miss those times. These days, I’m very happy, but I think it’s great that I can conjure up past memories and refresh myself. I love my fellow EXO members and EXO-Ls so much. I hope to cherish this happiness forever and sincerely wish the members and fans that surround me all the best health and happiness. Thank you so much for giving your love to me,
Chanyeol, who is far from perfect and is still greatly lacking. I love you! Finally EXO! Let’s love!! (Eternally)


The LUMIN = XIUHAN family photo.

son looks like his father.

daughter looks like her mommy.

Anonymous asked—
Kim yoo jung

my baby!~! she is soooo prettyy so so so so so prettyyyy

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she is only a year older than my brother

I want her to marry my brother LMAO 

Anonymous asked—

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MY XINGXING IS SO CUTE AND SO ADORABLE AND PRECIOUS.. and i know when he dances he can be very attractive but he will forever be cute and adorable to me

dimpleyeol asked—
Well, i have been to the Singapore concert, so i would suggest to not just stay at one place to give out the banners, but to also give them out while you guys are walking around and stuff. (1/2)

Walking around and giving them out really helps! Just give them to as many people as possible haha. Don’t worry too much about it, and enjoy the concert!! *hugs* (2/2)

o no~~ our members and site master.. collaborated with I think 8? minseok sites.. we rented tents.. for our booths.. and they will stay overnight to secure a spot.. since beijing concert will be hectic AF

don’t worry its all good we have the tents all rented and everything since 2 weeks ago

Our site’s Official banner ver.2 and Beijing special banners!!!

the limited edition fanart banners will only be hand out on September 20-21 beijing concert.. The coloured fanart ones will be produced on paper..since it cost a fortune to make on fabric -_-”

special thanks to su-lay for the fanart banner designs.. I just did really minor tweaks and also asterials for the lovely fanarts!! thank you thank you!!

Our Twitter and Weibo ^^

Anonymous asked—
Mike he

O.M.G DID I EVER HAD A PHASE OVER HIM BACK IN THE DAYS… (y do I make myself sound so ancient.. lmao

I shipped him with Ariel Lin so bad during that drama called Love Contract.. I still love that drama..but the ending was so unexpected.. i cried buckets.. that drama introduced me to him actually

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